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  1. I found it funny that an ad for the book "Jesus Brand Spirituality" was on this page…unexpected. But anyway, I love that this website shows the stark realities portrayed in the bible, because I wholeheartedly agree that most people of the Christian faith are completely unaware of the earthiness that exists in the accounts. However, if I remove God altogether, I am still left with so many questions…why and how do we exist? Do I have a purpose other than the proliferation of my genes and how do I recognize any kind of morality or even the need for it? I am still left with all of the pain and gut-wrenching tragedy that exists in this life, but am unsure of any reason or purpose for it all. Can you help me with that?

    • Mark –

      Either you edited your comment, or I missed much of it . . . in which case I apologize!

      As for the meaning of life and of suffering . . . I'm not sure which I'd consider worse: The idea that an all-knowing, all-powerful God has a plan which includes — nay, requires — the death by starvation or dysentery or cholera or other horrific and typically preventable means of literally millions of children annually, or the idea that life simply is, and that the meaning of life is the meaning we personally create for it. What do you think?

  2. I thought that was the case, but it is kind of ironic and made me wonder if it was somehow intentional on somebodys part. I do love the dialogue that you are creating and hope that it is helpful to people who have questions like myself.

  3. Greetings Mark,

    As I gradually realized that their was no spirit in the sky to fear (a long time ago), I felt liberated. It seems to me that people who claim that the Bible god "chose" them for this or that purpose are only projecting their personal endeavors and choices back on to the sky furher. It seems rather arrogant to me to claim that god chose anyone for anything.

    There seems to be NO purpose to the universe, but there is purpose in the universe. Yes, "the meaning of life is the meaning we personally create for it." I can live with that. I have to live with that because that is the way things are.

    "Hands that help are better far than lips that pray." – Robert Ingersoll