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Um, thanks . . . Who’s Sister Shirlee?

Shirlee Babson learned her way around the Bible while studying at Hall School, an all-girls private school in Kingsport, Massachusetts. Never married, Shirlee devoted her life to studying the Bible and educating the young people of the area in God’s Word.

Today, Shirley teaches Sunday School at the Old Congregational Church in Dunwich, Massachusetts. She works tirelessly to teach her class every single Bible story . . . but those kids have so many questions!

You can learn more about Shirlee, Pastor Gardner, and Dunwich HERE.

So that’s why the stories are in dialogue form?

That’s right. Shirlee wants to help you and your kids learn what the Bible really says . . . not the whitewashed versions of stories found on most sites. (Read about the test we applied HERE.)

By presenting the stories as discussions at Sunday School, you can see the questions the kids came up with, and Shirlee’s faith-based answers. Sometimes those kids ask some heavy questions!

(Note: Stories up to Genesis 22 were originally written as monologues. They are being gradually revised to suit the dialogue format.)

So what’s different here? How do I know Shirlee’s versions are “real”?

  • First, Shirlee starts with the King James Version, not the NIV or other frequently-criticized modern translations. Most Bible-believing fundamentalist churches use the KJV.
  • She paraphrases the story in words younger folks can understand, without changing the intent, and without embellishments.
  • She provide the relevant verse citations, so you can look it up for yourself with a click of the mouse to make sure Shirlee’s got it right.
  • Shirlee shows you all the questions the kids ask, even the tough ones, and her own faith-based responses. Just reading a story doesn’t make you understand it; critical examination, along with some introspection, helps you understand who the God of the Bible really is!
  • Shirlee adds links to outside sources to help you understand the meaning of particular words, or information about culture, archaeology, and more.
  • Finally, Shirlee provides an open comment section for each story. Yes, she want you to share what you think, and your knowledge! Nonbelievers are welcome — followers of other religions, atheists, humanists, agnostics, and even Pastafarians.

Why are you doing this?

Christianity is a major and growing force in modern American politics and culture. It’s not just limited to the “right wing”; Democrats, Independents, and even Greens nearly always declare and even campaign on their faith. There is presently only one openly atheist Congressman, and the current President (Obama) is frequently accused of being a “closet Muslim”!

Yet Americans — even those who frequently quote two or three favorite verses — have rarely read the foundational texts. They don’t know what it is they declare their own faith in, much less what a “Christian Nation” would really look like. They might not like it!

How can we understand what role a religion should play in politics and society without understanding that religion? How can we discuss its validity, whether we are supportive or skeptical, without having read the book?

And let’s face it, the book is a bit tough to sit and read on your own. Why not join Shirlee and the kids for a fun and educational adventure through the Bible?

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