The Test

What’s special about Real Bible Stories?

We decided to start this site after reading a few other Bible Stories websites and storybooks. They change what the stories actually say! Sure, they think they’re “bringing it to life”, or making it seem more real or modern. But they are adding to or subtracting from God’s Word, a grave sin!

In fact, we found that the sites most accurate in their renditions were atheist, humanist, or skeptical in nature. Yes, really! They didn’t pull any punches or embellish; they laid out what the book said. But they were a bit dry.

The Test:

We compared six different Bible story sites with what the Bible actually says about Noah’s Ark. One site was reasonably faithful to the Bible.

The other five sites added side stories about Noah warning his neighbors of the coming Flood, and them mocking him. Most said that Noah invited his neighbors to join him in the Ark, and them making fun of him more. One stated that the neighbors gathered around and threw rotten tomatoes at Noah, as he offered to save their lives! Another claimed that he hired workers to build the Ark for him, instead of following God’s directions and doing it with his three sons!

There is no indication in Scripture that Noah:

  • Said one word to anyone about why he was building the Ark;
  • Had help from anyone other than his sons;
  • Was mocked by anyone about the Ark; or
  • Invited anyone onto the Ark.

Also, the Bible states that God’s covenant was with Noah to save him and his family only, because God had realized everyone else was wicked. Inviting others would have violated God’s command!

Sometimes, the authors of Bible stories for kids take away from the Bible, too. They leave out details of stories. Why? Do they hate Jesus? Are they ashamed of God’s Word? Do they think kids will be upset by the truth?

In the case of Noah, not one of the six sites stated that Noah killed one of each of the “clean” animals and burned their bodies on the altar so God would smell the sweet smoke, which is what the Bible says. Not one. The closest any of them came was to say that he “used some of the animals to worship God”. I won’t say what sort of images that might put into little minds!

We promise to tell you only the REAL Bible stories, just like in the Bible, but paraphrased for clarity, and often for brevity. We include a direct link to the text being paraphrased, so you can read along in the King James Bible!

Also, you’ll see the classroom discussion between Shirlee and the kids. Those kids ask some tough questions!

We encourage you to share your thoughts on what you read here, educate us with your own knowledge, and suggest improvements!

Please note that the comments of atheists, freethinkers, and other nonbelievers are welcome. Vulgarity, of course, is not . . . this IS a kid-friendly site.