Sodom and Gomorrah Part 3: The Perverse Conclusion

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In Part 2, you learned how Lot bravely offered his virgin daughters to an angry mob in order to defend himself and his houseguests. Also, Lot’s wife got herself turned into a salt lick.

Now, Lot and daughters are safely in Zoar. What will they do now? How will the daughters thank their Daddy for offering them to strangers to be gang-raped?

If you took the poll on Part 2, you know your options: Live in Zoar, become traveling salt merchants, engage in drunken incest (resulting in Lot fathering his own grandchildren), or go to live with Abraham. Well, let’s see!

Genesis 19:30-38 gives us the answer.

Lot and his daughters go up to the mountain and live in a cave, for Lot was afraid to live in Zoar.

That would appear to rule out living with Abraham, becoming traveling salt merchants, or living happily ever after in Zoar.

Yes, that only leaves one option.

Bow-chicka-bow-wow . . . Daddy and daughters gettin it ON in Hendrick Goltzius' 1616 painting.

The older daughter tells the younger, “Dad’s old, and there aren’t any men in the whole world to . . . you know, ‘come in unto us’ the way people do. So, let’s get him drunk, and have sex with him, so we can keep his family line alive.”

No, really. The KJV language is prettier, but that’s what it says. (Click and read –> Gen. 19:31-32).

So, these girls thanked their Daddy for offering them to be gang-raped by getting him drunk two nights in a row and taking turns raping him. And they both got pregnant. PRAISE THE LORD!

The older daughter (unnamed) had a son she called Moab, and his descendants were the inbreeds known as the Moabites.

The younger daughter (also unnamed) had a son she called Benammi, and his descendants were the inbreeds known as the Ammonites.

If the handful of little towns nearby had been destroyed, would you travel and find other men from other cities, or immediately get your own father drunk and ride him like a cowgirl on a mechanical bull? Why or why not?

Have you ever been accused of being “inbred” because you’re country folk? Do people look down on you when you say, “I’d like to introduce you to my husband and my father,” but there’s only one man there?

If so, you can now point to the BIBLE ITSELF as support for your unconventional, yet clearly Godly, relationship.

Never mind what Leviticus 18:17 says about not ‘uncovering the nakedness of a woman and her daughter’ (which would seem to cover just this situation). You see, Lot was a Godly man, and God is omniscient and knew what would come, so therefore what he did must be OK. Right?

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